Pulsers drive current injection probes inductively couple current onto cables bundles.

The FCC-TG-115A is a coaxial charge line type of pulse generator designed to generate a trapazoidal shape output pulse. It is designed primarily to drive current injection probes to inductively couple current onto cables bundles to satisfy the CS-115 test requirements of Mil Std 461/462D and Mil Std 461E. It can, however, also be used to directly drive loads without using the inductive coupling.

Customizable Portable Pulse Generator

ModelCharging Voltage RangeNominal Size (including removable cover)Nominal Weight (including removable cover, excluding AC adaptor/charger)Source ImpedanceOutput Waveform

0 to 15 kV (option for 30kV)

16” x 10” x 10”

14 -18 lbs (depending on wave shaping components)

Selectable from ohms to k-ohms

Selectable – double exponential or oscillatory (damped sine or cosine)


Model NumberOutput Voltage into 50ONominal Output Pulse WaveshapePulse Generator Repetition RatesNominal Pulse Rise and Fall TimeNominal Pulse Width

0 – 2000

Square wave

Single shot, 1pps, or Adjustable 0 – 60pps




0 – 2000

5ns – 50ns double exponential

Single shot, 1pps, or Adjustable 0 – 60pps