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Current Monitor Probe

The F-33-1 is for laboratory and fi eld testing. This probe has a small outer diameter, approximately 71 mm with an internal diameter of 32 mm. The F-33-1 has a typical transfer impedance of 15 dB (± 2 dB) over the frequency range of 70 kHz to 250 MHz. The RF current range is 10 amperes CW and 100 amperes peak with a duty cycle of 0.1. The maximum primary power line current is 100 amperes from DC – 400 Hz.

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dBΩ (nominal)
ZtΩ (nominal)
Inner Diameter (mm.)
Outer Diameter (mm.)
Height (mm.)
Max Primary Current DC-400Hz
Peak Pulse Current
Calibration Fixture


10 kHz - 250 MHz 16 6.3 Type-N 32 71 19 100 10 15 FCC-MPCF-3-32/71/19
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.