The F-55A is for laboratory and field testing. It is capable of measuring pulse transients with risetimes of 800 picoseconds and a pulse width of 3 microseconds. This probe has a small outer diameter, approximately 71 mm, with an internal diameter of 32 mm. Its transfer impedance is 0.1 Ω from 100 kHz to 500 MHz. It can operate up to 350 amperes of DC – 400 Hz, 10 amperes of CW and 100 amperes of peak pulse.

FCC F-55A Current Probe

Product Specifications

dBΩ (nominal)
ZtΩ (nominal)
Inner Diameter (mm.)
Outer Diameter (mm.)
Height (mm.)
Max Primary Current DC-400Hz
CW current (amperes)
Peak Pulse Current
Calibration Fixture
F-55A 1 kHz - 500 MHz -20 0.1 Type-N 32 71 19 150 10 100 FCC-MPCF-3-32/71/19
Product specifications are subject to change without notice