FCC Tem Cell
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The FCC-TEM-JM5 extends the operating frequency range beyond that of existing devices to now permit conducting emissions and immunity testing of integrated Curcuits to 3GHz. The IC is mounted on a standardized test fixture (defined in IEC 61967-2) that clamps in place. The 3GHz TEM Cell accepts ICs that have already been mounted on these fixtures. Once installed, measurements as per IEC 61967-2, SAE 1752-3, and IEC 62132-8 can be performed to 3GHz.
The FCC-TEM-JM5 can be used for immunity testing and require less than 3.7 milli-watts input power to achieve a 10 volt per meter electric field and 37 watts to achieve 1000 volt per meter electric field.

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Maximum VSWR
Overall Dimensions (cm)
Maximum Input Power (watts)
Maximum EUT dimensions (cm)
EUT Port Dimensions (cm)
Frequency (MHz)
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RF connector


<1.2:1 15 x 10 x 34 500 6 x 6 x 1 9.1 x 9.1 DC - 3000 TEM Cell, TEM Cell-Stripline Type-N
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