Bulk Current Injection Probe
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Bulk Current Injection Probe

The F-120-8 Clamp-on Injection Probe is a high efficiency broadband injection transformer developed to meet the demanding performance requirements of GM 3100 and ISO 11452-4. The major challenge is to deliver 1 amp to the 50W calibration fixture between 1 and 30 MHz in the calibration step of the test procedure. The advantage of the F-120-8 is its high efficiency. From 500 kHz – 400 MHz it has less than 7 dB of loss and, from 1 – 30 MHz, 5 dB of loss. While standard injection probes require up to 7000 watts to meet the 1 amp level, the F-120-8 requires less than 220 watts.

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Usable Frequency
Rated Watts (CW)
High-Efficiency Bandpass Insertion Loss / Freq
Inner Diameter (mm)
Outer Diameter (mm)
Height (mm)
Calibration Fixture


10kHz - 400MHz 200 <7dB/800kHz - 300MHz 40 127 134 *, F-170421-1008-1, FCC-BCICF-4
* Contact sales@fischercc.com to determine the best fixture for your needs.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.