Customizable Portable Pulse Generator

The family of P-2DC suitcase style pulse generators can be customized to provide double exponential or oscillatory waveforms. Direct drive of a target or inductively coupled drive of a wire, cable bundle, or conduit are available. The standard configuration allows a continuously adjustable DC charge voltage from 0 to 15 kV. An option is available to extend this charge voltage to 30 kV by filling the suitcase volume with sulfur hexafluoride (Sf6). The P-2DC operates off either internal rechargeable batteries or from an external AC power adaptor/battery charger. It is easily carried and the cover is removable for access to the controls.


Charging Voltage Range
Nominal Size (including removable cover)
Nominal Weight (including removable cover, excluding AC adaptor/charger)
Decoupling Attenuation Generator
Disturbance Coupling Circuit
Output Waveform
Source Impedence
P-2DC 0 to 15 kV (option for 30kV), Charging Voltage Range 0 to 15 kV (option for 30kV) 16” x 10” x 10” 14 -18 lbs (depending on wave shaping components) as Freq: 150kHz - 230MHz Connector: 50ohmBNC RF Voltage: Selectable – double exponential or oscillatory (damped sine or cosine) -
Product specifications are subject to change without notice