Pair of metallic instruments.

50-150 Ω Adapters

The Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. non-contact 50-150 Ω Adapters is used to measure the common mode voltage appearing between a multi-pair balanced cable bundle and the local ground reference for the cable bundle in accordance with CISPR 32. The F-CVP-1 makes this voltage measurement without requiring direct contact with the metallic conductors in the cable bundle, or requiring physically breaking the cable bundle to install the F-CVP-1.


Insertion Loss EUT/AE
Power Rating
FCC-801-50-150-BCI-1000 10kHz - 1000MHz 9.5dB +.5dB 3 watts
FCC-801-50-150-CDN Ed4-150mm 10kHz - 230MHz 9.5dB +.5dB 3 watts
FCC-50-150-CDN-10W Ed4 10kHz - 230MHz 9.5dB +.5dB 10 watts
FCC-801-50-150-BCI 10kHz - 230MHz 9.5dB +.5dB 4 watts
FCC-801-50-150-CDN Ed4 10kHz - 230MHz 9.5dB +.5dB 3 watts
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