Metal object with copper components.

Capacitive Voltage Probe

The Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. non-contact capacitive voltage probe (F-CVP-1) is used to measure the common mode voltage appearing between a multi-pair balanced cable bundle and the local ground reference for the cable bundle in accordance with CISPR 32. The F-CVP-1 makes this voltage measurement without requiring direct contact with the metallic conductors in the cable bundle, or requiring physically breaking the cable bundle to install the F-CVP-1.


Maximum Measurable Signal
Battery Charger
Dynamic Range
Maximum Diameter
Minimum Measurable Signal
Nominal Gain Flatness
Nominal Probe Gain
Operating Bandwidth
Output Connector
Overall Dimensions (approximate)
Probe Power Source
Recharging Time (maximum)
F-CVP-1 ≈10 V External, powered from 120 VAC 80 dB minimum of wire/cable bundle under test: 2 cm for < 5 pF nominal loading for cable/bundle under test (At 1kHz detection bandwidth) 10 dBµV (150 kHz – 30 MHz): +/- 0.2 dB, (9 kHz – 100 MHz): +/- 1.5 dB - 20 dB 9 kHz – 100 MHz Type N (female) 7.7 inches High X 5.0 inches Wide X 8.0 inches Long (19.6 cm X 12.7 cm X 20.3 cm) Internal rechargeable NiMH or NiCad, or disposable Alkaline (10 size AA) 14 hours
Product specifications are subject to change without notice