Assorted metallic devices.

Current Monitor Probe Fixtures

Calibration fixtures are a part of the test equipment required by most of the Bulk Current Injection Test Procedure Specifications. This test fixture allows the user to quickly and easily calibrate the injection probe prior to performing the compliance testing.


Matched Current Monitor Probes
F-050315-1005-1 F-2000-32mm-1
FCC-MPCF-1-32/94/64 F-10, F-10-1, F-12, F-14, F-14-1, F-16, F-16-1
FCC-MPCF-1-127/197/41 F-80, F-80-1, F-81
FCC-MPCF-2K F-2000
FCC-MPCF-2K Rev B F-2000-12mm
FCC-MPCF-33-5 F-33-5
FCC-MPCF-36 Rev B F-36-1 Clip-On, F-36-2 Clip-On, F-36-4 Clip-On
FCC-MPCF-37-2 F-37-2 Clip-On
FCC-MPCF-3-32-40/71/19 F-61-40mm
FCC-MPCF-2-32-40/98/38 F-14C, F-16B, F-16M, F-35, F-35-1, F-35A-L, F-40, F-42, F-51, F-52, F-57
FCC-MPCF-3-32/71/19 F-33-1, F-33-2, F-33-3, F-33-4, F-42A, F-50, F-51A, F-55, F-55A, F-60, F-61, F-62, F-62A, F-65, F-65A
F-080902-1005-2 F-72-8
FCC-MPCF-2-67/142/53 F-10A, F-10A-1, F-14A, F-14A-1, F-16A, F-16A-1, F-170804-1005-1, F-40-5, F-72, F-72-1, F-72-2, F-72-7, F-73
FCC-MPCF-2-70/125/38 F-70, F-71, F-75
FCC-MPCF-2-32-40/71/19 F-171221-1005-1, F-33-1, F-33-1-40mm, F-33-2, F-52B
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