Round metal object with type-N attachment.

The F-150-2 has been designed to extend the use of conducted immunity testing over the bandwidth of 800 MHz – 2.1 GHz. It combines high efficiency, high power rating, and compact size, supporting testing of individual cable harnesses during benchtop testing as well as cable harnesses inside vehicles. Per standard substitution method test methods used in ISO 11451—4/ISO 11452-4, Mil-Std. 461/462 Rev D/E, and FAA DO-160 Rev D/E. The F-150-2 requires 20 watts to develop up to 300 mA into a calibration fixture with a 100 Ω loop line impedance.

The F-150-2 offers distinct advantages and benefits:

1. Broad bandwidth. <9 dB attenuation 800 MHz – 2.1 GHz into a 100 W loop line impedance.

2. Useable up to 250 watts

3. Accommodates EUT cables up to 40 mm in diameter

FCC F-150-2 BCI Probe

Product Specifications

Product Name
Usable Frequency
Rated Watts (CW)
High-Efficiency Bandpass Insertion Loss / Freq
Inner Diameter (mm)
Outer Diameter (mm)
Height (mm)
Calibration Fixture
F-150-2 800 MHz - 2.1 GHz 250 <9 dB / 800 MHz – 2.1 GHz 40 98 38 FCC-BCICF-150-2 -
Product specifications are subject to change without notice