EM Injection Clamps
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RF electromagnetic fields frequently degrade the performance of electronic equipment by generating common mode currents on cables. RF immunity to these fields can be verified by injecting common-mode currents onto the cables of the equipment under test. The F-203I-A-23mm EM Clamp is an high-efficiency, broadband clamp-on injection device that is used to test the immunity of electronic equipment when direct capacitative coupling technique is not possible nor appropriate. When the F-203I-A-23mm is used with the F-203I-A-23mm-150 and the F-203I-A-CF3-23mm-50 calibration fixtures, it fully complies with IEC61000-4-6 Edition 4.0.

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Input Power Rate
Coupling Aperture
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10kHz - 1GHz: 100 watts CW (15 min) 23mm 610 x 75 x 135 EM Injection Clamps and Fixtures
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