The F-220124-1005-1 is for laboratory and field testing. A typical calibration curve is shown below. This Clamp-On Current Probe can be used for the following specifications:
● Mil-Std 461F CS114
● Mil-Std. 461F CS115
● Mil-Std. 461F CS116
● DO-160 Section 20

Product Specifications

dBΩ (nominal)
ZtΩ (nominal)
Inner Diameter (mm.)
Outer Diameter (mm.)
Height (mm.)
Max Primary Current DC-400Hz
CW current (amperes)
Peak Pulse Current
Calibration Fixture
F-220124-1005-1 10 kHZ - 1 GHz -9 .35 Type-N 32 71 19 50 2 100 FCC-MPCF-3-32-40/71/19
Product specifications are subject to change without notice