FCC Tem Cell
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Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. offers a family of Transferse Electronmagnetic (TEM) cells that can be used for both emissions and immunity testing.
The patented septum design offers broad frequency response, excellent field uniformity, low VSWR and low insertion loss.
Models FCC-TEM-JM1 and FCC-TEM-JM2 are ideal for radiated emission testing of semiconductor devices according to SAE 1752/3.
The JM series TEM cell can be used for immunity testing and require less than 3.7 milli-watts input power to achieve a 10 volt per meter electric field and 37 watts to achieve 1000 volt per meter electric field.

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Maximum VSWR
Overall Dimensions (cm)
Maximum Input Power (watts)
Maximum EUT dimensions (cm)
EUT Port Dimensions (cm)
Frequency (MHz)
Product Categories
RF connector


<1.2:1 15 x 10 x 34 500 6 x 6 x 1 9.1 x 9.1 DC - 2500 TEM Cell, TEM Cell-Stripline Type-N
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