Waveform generator metallic box.

The FCC-TG-115A is a coaxial charge line type of pulse generator designed to generate a trapezoidal shape output pulse. It is designed primarily to drive current injection probes to inductively couple current onto cables bundles to satisfy the CS-115 test requirements of Mil Std. 461/462D,E,F. It can, however, also be used to directly drive loads without using the inductive coupling.

FCC TG-115A Pulser

Product Specifications

Output Voltage into 50O
Pulse Generator repetition rates
Nominal Pulse Rise and Fall Time
Nominal Output Pulse Waveshape i
Nominal Pulse Width
FCC-TG-115A 0 – 2000 1pps, or Adjustable 0 – 60pps, Single shot <2ns Square wave >30ns
Product specifications are subject to change without notice