Waveform generator metallic box.

The FCC-TG-EFT is a capacitive discharge type of pulse generator designed to generate a 5ns x 50ns double exponential shape output pulse. It is designed primarily to drive small loop antennas to generate very localized magnetic (H) fields having the wave shape of the electrical fast transient (EFT) specified in IEC 61000-4-4. These localized H fields are used to determine susceptibility of Integrated Circuits or other circuitry to the EFT.


Product Specifications

Output Voltage into 50O
Pulse Generator repetition rates
Nominal Pulse Rise and Fall Time
Nominal Output Pulse Waveshape i
Nominal Pulse Width
FCC-TG-EFT 0 - 2000 1pps, or Adjustable 0 – 60pps, Single shot 5ns 5ns - 50ns double exponential 50ns
Product specifications are subject to change without notice