Pair of metal boxes.


FCC Series C CDN

Product Specifications

Common Mode Impedance at EUT Con
Decoupling Attenuation Generator
Disturbance Coupling Circuit
I/O Connections
Insertion Loss EUT/AE
Voltage Attenuation Generator/EU
Series C 150 kHz – 26 MHz: 150+20Ω, 26MHz – 80MHz: 150+60/-45Ω, 80MHz – 230MHz: 150+60/-60Ω See Individual Product Datasheet Connector: 50ΩBNC, Freq: 150kHz – 230MHz, RF Voltage: ≤ 30V AC Voltage:, Current: 1 Ampere, DC Voltage: BNC, Type-N <1dB at 230MHz 10dB+1dB
Product specifications are subject to change without notice