Benefits of EMC Testing

July 5, 2020
Thunderstorm in night sky.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing is worthwhile for many manufacturers. It clearly shows that the product is fully compliant with EMC regulations. It’s a necessary test, as electronic devices can emit and are susceptible to electromagnetic fields. With the high volume of electronic devices in the world today, it’s more imperative than ever that these products have been completed EMC-tested to increase safety and reduce product issues. The goal with EMC testing is to ensure that sensitive electronic equipment can survive EMP, HPM, and other electromagnetic threats.

Fischer Custom Communications has been a trailblazer for EMC testing technology, and has helped countless manufacturers maintain compliance. This technology includes current probes, bulk current injection probes, LISNs, CDNs, and TEM cells. These tools can verify the reliability of your electronic products and reduce opportunities of electromagnetic disturbances.

Our measurement instruments are used to confirm that electronic products meet FCC, FAA European, and Asian regulations for immunity testing. To inquire about our testing instruments and protocols, contact us today.