Why EMC Testing Is a Must

June 19, 2020
Group of metallic instruments in various configurations.

Electromagnetic Compatibility testing is to ensure that your electronic device doesn’t produce a large amount of electromagnetic emissions. These electromagnetic signals are also called radiated or conducted emissions. Regulatory committees around the globe have placed limits on the amount of electromagnetic emissions electronics can generate. An overabundance of electromagnetic emissions can cause significant disturbances and can introduce untold dangersto the public and the environment.

Electromagnetic immunity testing ensures that products are within the limit and don’t overproduce electromagnetic emissions. If the electromagnetic radiation from electronic devicesis not limited, the electromagnetic spectrum can be affected and frequency bands that are reserved for radio transmissions can be interrupted. EMC testing simulates the interaction between electrical and electronic equipment. For many products and industries, EMC testing can make the difference between life and death. This is especially true for many military, aerospace, industrial, automotive, and medical devices. Imagine the danger if an aircraft malfunctions 35,000 ft. in the air due to the radiated emissions from cellular devices onboard. This is one example of why quality immunity testing is non-negotiable.

Fischer Custom Communications is at the forefront of EMC testing standards and technology. Our tools enable product manufacturers to rigorously test the electronic devices, ensure safety, and achieve complete compliance. Contact us today to learn how our testing instruments can help you achieve product compliance.