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Since 1971

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Our laboratory provides ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration (including data) of Longitudinal Conversion Loss for all pairs, common mode impedance, phase, decoupling isolation and voltage division factor.

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Assorted metallic instruments in various configurations


Fischer Custom Communications offers a wide variety of instrumentation products that can serve any number of technical needs.

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Transient Protection Devices

Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. has been designing and producing RF coaxial EMP/HPM and lightning protection devices since 1971. Our engineering staff has over 100 man-years of experience in EMP test design and execution as well as designing and producing Mil Std 461 RS 105 systems, Mil Std 188-125 pulsers, antennas, control systems and data acquisition systems. Our in-house pulse generator suite is used to validate performance for a variety of lighting waveforms, double exponential waveforms and Mild Std 188-125 E1 and E2 threats.

Nanosecond Lightning, EMP & Transient Protection

Spikeguard suppressors provide protection from transients originating from switching, lightning, and electromagnetic pulses including high power microwave threats. Spikeguards provide protection for sensitive electronic systems, data communication systems as well as for RF transmitters and receivers at their antenna transmission line terminals.They exhibit fast response through the UHF region, and are constructed from proven transmission line, gas discharge components, discrete silicon components, and can be subjected to many transients.

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Fischer offers several types of pulsers as well as a customizable portable pulse generator. Pulsers drive current injection probes inductively couple current onto cables bundles.


28 November

In Memoriam: Joe Fischer.

The great inventor, engineer, and founder of Fischer Custom Communications, Inc, Joe Fischer passed away on Friday, October 7, 2022, at the age of 94. Starting out as a San Diego beach lifeguard in his early 20s, Joe learned the joy of saving lives, swimming in the ocean, and building a family with his beloved […]

Metallic component.
19 January

EMP/lightning transient protection device now available up to 6 GHz

The FCC-250-5000-N has an RF bandwidth of 18% with a center frequency of 5,100 MHz. It protects sensitive receivers and transmitters up to 20 watts. The suppressor is constructed of proven connector and transmission line components. It is capable of dissipating multiple 25,000 peak ampere transients having an 8 msec rise time, and 20 msec […]

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24 March

Fischer Celebrates 50 Years

Founded in 1971, Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. is commemorating its 50th anniversary of tailoring solutions to meet your RF measurement needs and developing devices to protect sensitive electronic systems from the effects of lightning and EMP.

Metallic component.
20 January

Introducing The FCC-550-5-RJ45 With 10GBaseT

The FCC-550-5-RJ45 ethernet EMP/Lighting transient protection device is now usable up to 10 GBaseT with up to 15 feet of CAT 6A cable.   Contact David Fischer for more details.

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5 July

Benefits of EMC Testing

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing is worthwhile for many manufacturers.

Group of metallic instruments in various configurations.
19 June

Why EMC Testing Is a Must

Electromagnetic Compatibility testing is to ensure that your electronic device doesn’t produce a large amount of electromagnetic emissions.